A few of the comments Steve and David have received over the years:

“I loved the pace of the trip and thought you did a great job balancing busy days with more relaxed travel days. I thought the hotel was perfect for us. I am still astounded by all that we did/saw/experienced. I think about the trip every single day and feel so lucky to have been a part of it all. It changed my life in ways that I am still figuring out.” A. L.

“David is a treasure - a true gem in passing his knowledge to others.” M. C.

“Loved the time in Japan - want to go again. Thanks for a real good trip.” E. J.

“Steve, what a delightful and unique experience you related! These are the kind of encounters that renew my somewhat jaded heart relative to the human race as a whole.” J. R.

“We have thought of you and our trip together often over the past couple of months, and never without a smile and a warm memory. Thanks again for a truly memorable two weeks in Japan.” J. & S. H.

“Excellent. Inspiring! Enjoyed it very much. Time well spent. It gave me lots of ideas to try in my own work. David introduced me to techniques and ideas that were completely new to me. I liked the combination of philosophy, design, and technique.” M. W. G.

“I commend your professionalism in planning our trip to Japan. You did what you said you would do, when you said you would do it, and you did it in excellent customer service fashion. I work in the customer service seminar business and you did what we refer to as “EXCEED THE CUSTOMERS EXPECTATION!" D. M.