Things to know & do

Thinking about joining in? Here are some practical things for your immediate consideration. Anyone who signs up for one of our tours receives additional tips and advice in the weeks prior to departure.


Make sure your Passport will have more than six months left before expiration when you arrive in Japan. If you need a new Passport allow plenty of time for processing.

Check to see if you need a visa. Holders of US Passports (and several other countries, including Canada) do not need visas to enter Japan as tourists. Note: there is a limit on how long tourists may stay (for US Passport holders it is 90 days).

Getting To Japan

Tours offered by Japan Art Adventures are Land-Only. You are responsible for travel arrangements to and from Japan. From the US, schedule your departure a day before the tour starts. We do not recommend coming earlier than that. If you come early, we would not be able to help you get to your hotel from the airport or arrange earlier accommodations. Consult with Steve if you have any questions.

Travel Light

Tours include minimal assistance with luggage, i.e., participants should come prepared to handle their own luggage. We recommend one medium (about 25 inch) rolling suitcase and a small back pack or over the shoulder bag per person. Clothes can be washed easily at most hotels.


We always encourage you to consider travel insurance if you have any concerns about possibly needing to cancel, or other issues, e.g. health-related. To be fully covered, you may need to purchase insurance before making any payments to AdelsmanTours LLC.

Diet & Customs

Anyone with special dietary requirements, or other health-related concerns should do research before traveling to Japan. It can be difficult to maintain a vegan diet, for example. And decaffeinated coffee can be difficult to find. Overall, we aim to expose our participants to a wide variety of traditional Japanese cuisine.

Japanese customs, food, and culture are very different from Western culture in many respects. Japan is one of the safest, cleanest countries on earth. Nevertheless, visitors should expect challenges, no matter how well they have prepared ahead of time. Our clients invariably say, “We loved it! But thanks for warning us that the Japanese (as do the English) drive on the other side of the road. We owe you our lives!”