Our Story

Some years ago American sculptor David Orth and veteran tour guide Steve Adelsman (that’s us) stood near the wine table at a crowded party and launched into a favorite subject - Japan. We had known each other for a long time, but hadn’t had a chance to talk in years. We both had longtime professional connections to Japan. Steve had been leading adventures through the Japanese archipelago for 15 years. David knew Japan from its career-long influence on his thinking, his craft, and sense of design.

We understood & loved Japan deeply - but from very different, complementary perspectives. Inevitably, as we stood there, we began outlining a different kind of Japan adventure organized around its incredible arts & crafts - both traditional & modern. As our research progressed and we explored a variety of potential sites & experiences, we happily added architecture and gardens to the bucket list. Oversimplifying a bit, Steve would be in charge of logistics & culture and David in charge of the theme & activities. The adventure would be for artists, for non-artists, and people who always wanted to ride bullet trains. We would drag eager, willing people (and they would drag us, eager and willing) across Japan in search of the old & the new, the arts & the crafts, the architecture & the gardens, the good food, and gracious people. It would transform everyone and set us all on fire!

Long story short, within a year that conversation became a reality. Turns out, according to rave reviews, this tour is an excellent, in-depth experience of Japan - fun, delicious, & thought provoking. Japan Art Adventures combines three things: Steve’s years of on-the-ground experience and cultural sensitivity, David’s long apprenticeship to Japanese philosophy & craft, and most importantly, Japan itself - the place, the people, the adventure. Come warm your hands around this fire and join our conversation.

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